Business writing grammar tips for loose

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Effective Business Writing: Top Principles and Techniques

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September 1, When I was writing about loose or lose, I used the phrase loose as a goose in a memory trick, and started wondering about the origin. More Tips from Grammar Girl. Here are some tips on how to determine when to use lose or loose.

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I remain surprised at the number of intelligent, articulate, and well-read legal professionals who still use “and/or” in legal writing. I am therefore creating this post to document a fairly complete list of authorities that support what I think is the better (if not obvious) view: never use “and/or” in legal writing (or any writing).

But give yourself every advantage by portraying yourself as a well written professional who’s aware of the ins and outs of business writing essentials, and let your communication skills soar. Communication extends well beyond using proper grammar.

4 Responses to “Confused Words #3: Lose, Loose, Loss” Dale A Wood on October 22, am. Then there are the misspellings “looze” and “loze”, probably inspired by “ooze” and “booze”.

Common Writing Blunders Errors cause readers to start judging. Your credibility suffers. 1.

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Punctuation 2. Spelling loose, grease!! Drop sneaky Es before adding the extension.!! Sparser, pricing, faced, Business Grammar Tips, Tricks & Techniques Q&A. Thank you for joining us today! Bonus Materials.

Business writing grammar tips for loose
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Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Creative Writing