Essay writing for xat 2013

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GGSIPU CET Eligibility 2018

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Past Year XAT Essay Topics and Model Essay. XAT essay writing is unique as it is a part of the first stage of the admission process, unlike WATs of IIMs and IIFT Essay, which form a component of the GD/ PI stage.

Thus, every candidate appearing for the XAT has to prepare for the Essay. Corruption is the root cause of economic.

XAT 2018 Essay Topics with Answers

The first essay needs general awareness and can be easily written in 15 minutes, with approx length of words. The second essay needs creativity; it stirs the test takers imagination and his lateral thinking, and is a far greater challenge than writing an essay based on general awareness.

XAT will be conducted in January At the end of exam you will have to write Essay on some assigned topic. Essay section of XAT attempts your skills of expressing your opinions, specifically under time limitations.


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Electrical Engineering Department is established in with UG course in Electrical Engineering with intake of 60 students, PG course in Electrical Power Systems in and Post Graduate Research Centre in The department has the state of art laboratories to cater needs of ultra-modern curriculum.

Bachelor’s Degree of a recognized University in any discipline with at least 50% marks in aggregate and must also have passed Mathematics and English (core or elective or functional) at least at the Senior School Certificate Examination (Class XII) of the CBSE or any other Examination recognized as equivalent thereto.

Also find XAT essay writing tips to crack XAT exam. xat essay writing XAT and CAT both award great importance to the writing ability of future managers and accordingly place high weightage to this test.

University essay writing referencing. Essay writing for xat india has one of the largest pools of talented manpower, but.

Essay writing for xat 2013
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