Write a book for kindle amazon

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How To Get Reviews for Your Kindle eBook

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How to Make a Kindle eBook from Scratch

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6 Major Tips For How To Publish a Book on Amazon Kindle. Invest in Kindle-ready, high-quality formatting. Once your book is published on Amazon you will be eligible to create an Amazon Author Account for your Pen Name. Select “If you write under a different name, Working With Amazon Author Pen Names Kindle Published Authors Claim Your Amazon Author Central Profile URL!

[ ]. How to make and publish an eBook Your complete guide to making a quality eBook that works across all popular eReaders, like the Kindle, iPad, Nook, and more. Online shopping from a great selection at Kindle Store Store. create Kindle books and sell them on Amazon, see sectionAmazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Platform.

For publishers with many titles to convert and the expertise to create Kindle books in-house using Kindle Publisher Tools software, see sectionCreating Kindle Books In-House Using Kindle.

This short extract is from Bill’s and my original manuscript How to Write a Book and Get Published published some years back. We hope that these pointers may be helpful to aspiring * or perhaps other ‘non-techno’ authors and writers, like “yours truly”.

Write a book for kindle amazon
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I Did It! I Published on Smashwords and Amazon Kindle!