Writing apps for windows 8 metro

Just what is Windows RT, anyway? (FAQ)

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Downloads for Windows

Metro apps are pretty nice, but they absolutely suck on a Windows desktop with a mouse and keyboard. That's to be expected though, since Metro (also known as Modern UI or Microsoft design language) was created mainly with touch input in mind for Surface Pros and Windows Phones. I'm running Windows and apps are not working.

They were perfectly fine this morning, then later today, every one of them, except like two that I know of, IE and the Store. Windows 8 tablets are becoming more widely used, but the operating system – at least in its Modern mode – is light on the ground with particular apps.

One way around this is to install Android. Oct 12,  · The "lite" version of Windows 8 known as Windows RT remains the biggest unknown out of the myriad of changes coming to Microsoft's operating system.

Here's our guide to what Windows RT. I've just installed Win and I'm trying to set up IIS.

How to develop Metro Apps for Windows 8 OS

When I open Add remove programs from the start menu I get the pc-settings app. In the pc-settings app I get a "tooltip" or whatever we should call it, that hints me to "Switch between apps" by swiping from the edge.

Writing apps for windows 8 metro
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